Don't Bug Me Outdoors Spray

Don't Bug Me Outdoors Spray
This recipe is for people who LOVE the outdoors, HATE nasty toxic chemicals, but also want don't want to be scratching from head to toe for the next week!!

When I put this recipe together I looked up what essential oils different bugs didn't like. Did you know that even different varieties of mosquitos don't like different plants, aka the essential oils in the plant? Crazy! So, with that in mind, I gathered together every oil I could that was reported to  be on the pesky bug's yuck list, put them together and then added a yarrow tincture for good measure!

I have LOTS of friends who swear by this mixture and my own family has loved it for a few amazing years now. So, if you are looking for a DIY bug spray recipe that really works, look no further! 

Keep in mind that this recipe has 8 different oils in it, plus yarrow tincture, but if you don't have all the oils I know lots of people who have had great success with just Lavender, Purification™ or Citronella Essential Oil. 

To make Yarrow Tincture, cut the flowers leaves and stems of a Yarrow plant in the fall when it is in full bloom. White Yarrow is reported to be the best, but I have use yellow only so far. Place the roughly chopped up plant matter in a large mason jar and cover with neutral spirts (vodka or witch hazel), I prefer vodka. Let sit for 6 weeks and then strain out the plant material. Now you have Yarrow Tincture! This tends to be done in early fall, ready by late fall, so I suggest making this a year in advance.